Solid Experience
The combined 30 years of destination management experience that VP of Sales Rance Brown and VP of Operations David Lewis bring to the table is unmatched in the market.
Sound Logistics
With your goals in mind, we carefully identify all the necessary elements to implement and deliver a logistically sound plan that is tailored for you.
Reliability to Count On
Our clients rely on our exceptional capabilities, our clear understanding of budgetary goals, and our respect for timing to effectively deliver on their high expectations.
Creativity at Your Disposal
We have our fingers on the pulse of new trends which coupled with our expertise enable us to develop authentic and original themed event concepts that are memorable.


At Total Destination Solutions we possess extensive knowledge, expertise and resources, to manage your destination services. We specialize in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics. Our staff is committed to delivering memorable and worry-free experiences to our valued clients.

About Us

Our experienced destination management professionals are reliable and fiscally responsible. These attributes are embedded into the fabric of the strong relationships that we have established with our clients, because their business is ours to care for.

What We Do

From concept development and décor of themed events to on-site/off-site entertainment and transportation, Total Destination Solutions takes care of all the details. We are dedicated to ensuring that your plans are brought to life without a problem.
Knowledge Expertise Resources